PlayStation VR was released October 13th, 2016 as, and remains, the only VR headset for a gaming console. Virtual Reality is still rather unappreciated but this is mainly due to the lack of advertising as everyone tries to get the technology right before marketing it and Sony has no direct competition in their corner right now. The cheaper VR headsets like Samsung’s VR Gear will never have the gaming/entertainment support the PlayStation will offer. Only the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive even compete (and arguably perform better) but they are more expensive AND require a more expensive set up to use (i.e. expensive computer set up).

Back to the point of this blog. It will be to provide information about different PS VR games and experiences on the PlayStation VR system because I was having a hard time finding reviews for stuff myself while trying to figure out which games would be fun, which would suck, what experiences might be a laggy waste of time… stuff like that. There are a lot of things in the works and that have also been recently released for the PS VR but anyone who has a set up like mine knows that after spending around $900 after taxes and everything (ps4 pro + PSVR + PS Camera + Move Controllers), you aren’t looking to WASTE money on a game that you might not like and not everyone that has the money necessarily has the time to figure it out either.

As a die-hard gamer and tech geek since I was younger, I couldn’t wait to get a VR system to personally play with all night long, every night. Now I don’t know about a lot of you, but my first thoughts are Call of Duty or Battlefield style FPS’s would be crazy in VR. One problem is that this is still relatively new technology that game developers haven’t had long to mess with. Another is that some of Sony’s equipment is out of date, even though the system’s power is there. This is especially evident with their move controllers. It would be nice if they released move style controllers that were at least updated and maybe even specially tailored to VR rather than just rolling with the out of date Move controllers they released in PS3 days. In the games that utilize them they feel closer to Wii remotes than Virtual Reality compatible gear. Of course, all of that being said, it is important to bear in mind how new this technology is.

At the time of writing this I have 16 VR games in my PSN library/linked with my account and I have owned the VR for about a month now. It hasn’t given me ample time to 100% everything, but I hope to be able to give a good amount of evidence from personal playing to discuss the system and the games and see where the problems lie and what they might stem from, as well as admire everything that has been done well.



Other than being awe-struck by your new toy, you might feel a little overwhelmed with all the cords that come with to be hooked up. I know it is kind of to be expected, but with the charging cords plugged in also, it’s enough to scare me away from moving it very often. Of course Sony does a great job of having all of the cords and plugs labeled and well organized (my cords for the control switch were all numbered!)

And what VR set-up would be complete without the demo disc?



Game Title PSN Store Game’s Website Developer
PSVR Demo Disc PSN Online Sony’s Blog Sony Interactive Entertainment America


Demo discs usually are a crap shoot with the type of content they provide. Sometimes they have well put together demos of some really well done games. Other times… not so much.

Games shown on disc:

Within = Immersive VR videos/experiences… 3 are unlocked

Eve:Valkyrie = Quick space dogfighting mission


Hustle Kings VR= BUY ONLY

MCL’s RIGS = Half game of Powerslam(game mode)

SuperHyperCube= BUY ONLY

Tumble VR= 4 Puzzle based games based on stacking bricks with the controller

Job Simulator= An intro to what it’ll be like when humans forget what jobs were

Kitchen= Horror, first-person strapped down in a room

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood= Riding on a creepy, twisted carnival ride to rid the area of evil

Harmonix Music VR= Crazy visuals to all of your music and 4 different modes! (their music in demo)

Driveclub VR = Race and Time Trial with some really fast cars

Rez Infinite= Take a trippy ride while locking onto foes before they kill you

Thumper= Ride the rail and jump at the appropriate times… and don’t get confused by all the twisting and turning!

Wayward Sky= Help guide a stranded adventurer find her lost lover

Allumette= Animated movie of a girl that lives in a town in the clouds with her mother intro

Here They Lie= Creepy and twisted first-person adventure/nightmare intro

Gnog= Strange puzzle modes (LittleBigPlanet strange, not bad strange)

PS VR Worlds= Experience the different worlds PlayStation has to offer (only half the modes unlocked)

Battlezone= Pilot your own tank into battle against AI foes

Headmaster= The ultimate soccer header practice!

That’s 21 games that Sony offers a taste of for free (well OK 18 since 3 don’t have demos?). Personally, I find this demo disc to be rather comprehensive and a great idea on Sony’s part to get some excitement built towards the different styles of play that will be allowed with the VR set-up. The best part was probably that I didn’t experience any game crashes or extraordinarily long wait times while I was playing and switching in and out of games (I will say initial download of demos while in-game takes a bit) and there is a decent amount of content to explore so I spent a decent amount of time on it!