Ahhh RIGS… one of my favorite VR games out of the twenty some that I have had the luxury to play so far. You are a world class pilot of these mechanical monsters facing off in teams of 3 in various game modes such as Team Takedown (Team Deathmatch) or Endzone (football variation). The game’s intro and game intros are very cool, as are the stadiums’ sounds and the feelings of being in the arena.

Game Title PSN Store Game’s Website Developer
RIGS Mechanized Combat League PSN Online Guerrilla’s RIGS Guerrilla Cambridge

RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104211056

This is one of the games included in the PS demo disc. You get to play one half of Powerslam (150 seconds in-game) and it can be a little bit overwhelming to be thrust into the 3v3 game with scoring rules to learn too. They key question…

Is RIGS worth the purchase (currently $49.99 on PSN) for VR?


Upon purchasing/installing/updating/starting the game, you will be greeted by the immersive start-up .. action moves from other pilots making spectacular moves to win the game!… according to the announcer.

You load in as a pilot dressed in competition suit, with your Coach in front of you dressed in a jumpsuit with a helmet (racing style) on. You are in the middle of what looks to be a large, well lit, well financed RIGS pilot’s HQ. Using your bumpers, you can switch between the 4 different modes: RIGS HQ, Showroom, Offline Play, and Online Play. You’re also holding a controller looking like a projections-based iPad which displays information for you.


RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104155620

The place where you can look at and buy new/different RIGS to pilot for games and challenges. There are 3 different types of RIGS… heavy, fast, short & can hover for short periods. They also have advanced versions and versions with many different abilities. (Examples of abilities would be nuclear explosions upon death or restore all health upon melee kills.) Overall, it is not super balanced and you can’t customize the weaponry on your machine. It’s unbalanced in the fact that the later, more expensive machines are just better in overall damage and shield strength. I don’t know why you wouldn’t allow players to pick their type of robot and their weapon load-out but I guess the presets are alright. Oh, and the AI only seems to have two moderate difficulty settings.


RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104155810

 The RIGS HQ is the home for pilot News, Customization, Challenges, sponsors, awards, and tutorial. The news will keep track of new unlocks and stuff as you progress through your career. Customization allows full pilot customization from jumpsuit to helmet visors… all of which have more to be unlocked thru in-game actions, challenges, or sponsors. Challenges are actually pretty interesting, as there is a Basic and Advanced version of each different challenge in each different stadium. There is a new weekly challenge every week at a different stadium with 6 randomly chosen challenges from that stadium (randomly advanced and basic) and you pay a credit entry fee, then get rewards for every round you complete. The trick is you lose all rewards if you fail a round before banking your rewards. They also have each individual challenge available to practice and play and compete for high best scores and best times. Sponsors are a way to earn extra credits by doing in-game tasks. As your pilot fame level increases and you gain enough followers(RIGS way of progressing your career with experience), you will gain access to different sponsors with different rewards (visors, suits, credits) upon completing a task such as a 6 takedown streak or 3 MVP awards in a row. The awards section keeps track of all your unlocked trophies as a pilot (and locked trophies yet to grab).

Offline Play

RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104211324

Offline mode is where you set-up a season and pick a team to battle it out within the competitive scene to try and rise through the ranks in division 2 and rise to be a division 1 champion and league MVP. Ever played Rocket League’s season mode with computer players? Same thing, except there are mini tournaments each season and you can buy and replace your teammates with better ones whenever you have the credits. This is actually kind of fun to build your “perfect” team and face-off against the best in-game AI but it is a little boring and repetitive after winning MVP and going undefeated in the top League. Especially since credit generation is heavily favored towards the challenges and the betting system with the weekly challenge (very reliable way to make credits usually and good practice, just boring).

Online Play = Ugh… online play. In RIGS this was the part that I was most excited about. Unfortunately it is hard for me to say it is any fun right now without a consistent online player base. Match times are usually kinda long and they are usually unfair. If you go in without a teammate, you will most likely be with 2 bots against a team that has more human players than you. Starting in Division 10, each season lasts for 10 online matches. You are awarded points every match (up to 10 for match MVP) and need to hit a certain level of points depending on the league you are in to advance to the next league. If you don’t get enough points throughout the season then you are relegated down a division. There just isn’t a large enough number of active players for this because, as I am writing this, I just lost multiple games in a row due to being placed with 2 AI teammates against a 3 man human team. It’s just not a fair fight. I had a couple games that were 1v1 human or 2v2 human (yet to have a 3v3 human) and a 3v2 human and those are all pretty fun and competitive usually. I just think matchmaking defaults to (what I consider crappy) AI’s.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104195430

Some main features that I like:

  • In between deaths, you have vision of the whole field if you’d like, not even losing vision beyond machine destruction
  • Using your head motion to turn your RIG… I loved playing this way. I think more games should try to fine tune player character movements to follow where the user looks. It was actually quite natural after I got used to it.
  • Beautiful stadium designs

RIGS Mechanized Combat League™_20170104163536

So all-in-all I’d have to say that I’d recommend this game. The crowd cheering in your headset and everything is very cool the first time you load in and are playing this game. I find it to be quite immersive and with the competitive yet quick 5-10 minute matches, I have a hard time saying when I might actually stop playing this game altogether.