TL;DR = Yes I would buy this again.


Fruit Ninja VR brings the beloved fruit cutting game into VR with four different modes:

Arcade = 60 seconds to go for the high score in fruit slicing. Bombs are tossed into the mix to subtract 10 seconds when hit and there are time freezing fruits and time adding fruits as well.

Classic = You’re allowed to miss only 3 fruit, but if you hit a bomb you lose!

Zen = 90 seconds to just hit fruit and combos. No bombs or drops to worry about.

Survival = Similar to classic, except little flying guy(s) shoot the fruits at you in increasingly difficult to handle manners.

Now this isn’t a new game so I won’t take long here.It’s available for $15 on PSN right now and I would say that this is a good pick up for VR. The move controllers(which you can use either one or two) and everything in-game was pretty responsive even though it won’t be the prettiest game you have seen in the VR headset. The depth perception is also very well done. It is super easy to switch people in and out of the headset to play with groups of people and compete for the high scores. Since PS VR displays on your main display if you choose to have it on as well, everyone can watch what is going on. High replay-ability comes from competitiveness with local friends more than anything else… although becoming a dual-blade wielding ninja is great stress relief sometimes.