You see the ball coming in…

You wind up all the way…


You release all your anger on that ball. Except for one problem… you probably missed the ball! HoloBall is available for $15 on PSN right now (and on Steam for the HTC Vive) and is a you vs AI in racquetball type of game. You use a move controller which becomes a racquet and volley it out the best you can.


TL;DR= No, don’t get this game for PS VR unless you would specifically enjoy a racquetball-type game.

 holoball HoloBall PSN Online HoloBall TreeFortress Studios

Campaign Mode = Win against a series of AI opponents at increasing levels of difficulty to unlock the next difficulty in the campaign.

Easy = Slow ball speed. Slow AI target move and recenter speed. What is an AI fast shot?

Medium = Slow ball speed, starts getting faster. AI target move and recenter speed improved. AI fast-shot is like a little league fastball.

Hard = Faster ball speed. AI target moves quickly and re centers quickly after each volley. AI fast-shot is pretty hard.

Expert = Lightning ball speed. AI target is on point. AI fast-shot is freaking fast.

Custom = Thank god, a developer that will add a nice custom mode right off the bat. You can customize the AI settings of speed, accuracy, move speed. You can customize the game settings of max points allowed, ball size, or power boost max. You can also adjust the room settings!


Arcade Mode

Zen= Bounce the ball back and forth of the wall at your own pace for as long as you’d like. Take your time. Set all your own dimensions. Find your zen.


Score Attack= Arguably the most mode in the game. You have 3 balls and 20 rounds of increasing difficulties. These rounds are chalked full of multipliers for time efficiency and trick shots and stuff like that. Your goal is to score as much as possible.

Endurance= Quite simply endurance… how many times can you hit it back without missing against an increasingly difficult opponent. No score bonuses, just one point per return.

This game is quite engaging (even if a little rude to you for being human and not AI) and fun. It can be really frustrating sometimes too if you just can’t seem to get the timing of your swings quite right.

Now in the tl;dr I say that you shouldn’t buy this game. Well, I have a couple of problems with it that I would like to raise attention to that lead me to believe your $15 could go somewhere better for PS VR than this if you don’t really care for racquetball.

  1. Move controller. My main issue is that PlayStation forces developers to use the PS4 controller or the Move controller. My personal opinion is that Move controllers are the cheap, lazy version of doing VR controllers for the PS VR system. This is because the controller is not as responsive and lags more than it should (enough to mess up game play a little bit).I haven’t played the HTC Vive version, but I imagine it’s much better for this reason.
  2. Replay-ability. You can’t play with your friends in the room interchangeably(or at least not easily). Hell, you can’t even play in your room if there isn’t a good amount of open space. You need a good 7 foot by 3 foot big area to move in at least, and there is no multiplayer, just high score setting and comparing. So, unless you really enjoy racquetball type games, or the competitive leaderboards, you will probably get bored kind of quickly since it isn’t quite as easy/pretty as something like Fruit Ninja.